Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Simple Explaination

I've been trying to write something in depth about each of the temperaments, but that doesn't seem to be working. If I tried to write everything that there is to know about just one temperament, I wouldn't be able to write anything else for years, maybe for the rest of my life!! So right now I'll just settle for a brief description. I'm going to ask: what would you do if you were a prisoner in a prison camp? And I'll give the answer for each of the temperaments.

The choleric would instantly conceive the goal of escaping. He wouldn't care about the method, only the result: freedom. He would continually and repeatedly try every possible way of escaping until he escapes or until he dies (think Colonel Crittendon from Hogan's Heroes).

The sanguine would be content in the camp: until he gets bored. Then he'll either create some fun (probably by way of mischief) or he might consider escaping.

The melancholic would instantly fall into despair about escaping. The fence is too high, there are too many guards, the cost is too high, the guards have a sixth sense that will give him away. If he comes out of his despair, he will then come up with the most brilliant plan, but be too afraid to put it into action. The time will come, and he will hesitate on account of some unforeseen problem that he didn't take into account.

Simply put, the phlegmatic won't care to move!!! As long as he isn't mistreated, he'll be perfectly fine with staying. If his conditions aren't very pleasant though, he will simply become discouraged, unless someone talks him into escaping.

So what would you do?


Everglade said...

Well... You tell me: I've taken the Meyers-Briggs a few times and depending on my mood I get either ENFJ or INFJ. I've looked at the descriptions of them and agree that I'm sort of a fusion of both... Any ideas as to what temperaments that might be, cause I really can't decide. : )

Ancient Greek Philosopher said...

Remind what those are again. I think when I took one it said I was an INFJ too, and it looked really melancholic. I wonder though, if Meyers-Briggs can be an indicator of what you can change in your temperament.

Everglade said...

These sites give good descriptions:

Interesting thought though, about the temperaments and MB...

Everglade said...

I think this blog has got the dead sickness too! : (

Ancient Greek Philosopher said...

No kidding!!!